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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

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A life coach is someone who is basically your friend, philosopher and guide, whose responsibility is to lead you from where you are to where you want to be, by supporting and motivating you. Life coaching is the powerful practice which aids in self development of individuals by accelerating the process of inner growth. This has been around for a while but more often than not, people seem to confuse this form of coaching with therapy or counseling, whereas in practice, it is a totally different methodology.

The uniqueness of self development through this form of coaching is its futuristic approach and focus upon achieving both internal and external goals. This is done by studying the present of the client and working towards bettering it. It is also interesting to note that unlike a therapist, a life coach is not a consultant or advice-giver, but a personal mentor who helps you to harness the positive energy and wisdom lying within yourself. The relationship between a life coach and the client is more like a partnership between two people, where the focus is on engaging and inspiring the client through insightful conversations.

Life coaching believes that all the answers to any of your problems lies within you, hence, redirecting your focus inwards and giving the power back to you. They believe that all the difficulties and challenges in your existence are a result of your own choices and affect you both positively or negatively. So, they help you in learning to make choices that create a better and balanced life for you.

A life coach will ask you to look within yourself for all the answers and then help you align your world in sync with your goals. This can help in improving various issues ranging from relationship issues to stress management, boosting creativity and helping you live in a sensible manner. This form of coaching is fast emerging to be one of the most important components in human development. It has the catalytic ability of molding the lives of people by helping them to tap into their inner reserves of strength and realizing their actual purpose so that they live the life of their dreams.

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