Perfect Hockey Stick Can Change The Demeanour Of The Game

Perfect Hockey Stick Can Change The Demeanour Of The Game

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Hockey has many forms, namely, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey (quad and inline), Sledge Hockey, Street Hockey, Air Hockey, Box Hockey, and Deck Hockey etc. Two teams play this game with various hockey equipment. 11 of each team come together in the field to play against each other with aggression using wooden hockey sticks generally. Both the teams have one goal keeper each who uses a hockey goalie stick to protect the post. The difference of goals made by each team decides the winner in this game.

Choosing the right Hockey Stick:

Hockey players are very picky about everything they wear or use in this game. But while choosing a hockey stick, they become extra conscious about what will enhance their performance and what can absolutely ruin them. Choosing a right hockey is always an important decision for a player and here is the guideline about how to achieve that.


  • Proper Budget: Once a player knows his budget while buying a hockey stick, he can look only for the probable options under that particular budget. This eliminates the overhead confusion of looking for everything available in a store.
  • Material Preferable:  Hockey sticks can be found in different types of materials. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages and use. The five types of materials available are :
  •  Wood Sticks: These are the cheapest materials among all the materials available to make the hockey shaft. Wooden sticks can be cut to give the shape of the shaft very easily.
  • Fibreglass Sticks: This also contains a wooden core but the core is encapsulated within a reinforced fibreglass. This exterior covering of the stick makes it durable than a usual wooden stick. This is lighter and quite costly.
  • Aluminium Sticks: This is lighter and stronger in comparison to the previous two materials, but at the same time it is costly too. These materials usually help increasing the mobility of the player with the hockey stick.
  • Graphite Sticks: This is the second best material for high end hockey stick. This is stronger than the above three mentioned and only less strong than Titanium Sticks.
  • Titanium Sticks: The most expensive and lightest material for a hockey stick is Titanium. Each Titanium stick costs hundreds of dollar sometimes. This is the strongest too.
  1. Blade Curves: Curves are normally standardised in the games played in hockey. So, there is not much provision in preferring a customized curve. The more curvier it becomes, the stronger is the shot played.
  2. Blade angle: The angle of the blade decides the tilt of the shaft. It is in the range of 4 to 8. The more the number, the wider is the blade according to the angle positioning.
  3. Shaft Length: The length of the shaft should vary with what position the player is situated. Shorter stick helps the player to become more mobile while playing, while longer stick is the best for those who play at the defensive positions.

By following these factors, one can choose a good hockey stick and play well in the matches or can improve technique by changing the old one.

Steve Walker is a reknowned hockey goalie stick specialist and has worked with many sports related events.

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