Sports and summers: 4 great ideas for active holidays

Sports and summers: 4 great ideas for active holidays

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What is summer for you?

Some people think that summer is synonym for idleness. So the most they can make out of their summer is to laze on a sunbed on a beautiful sea resort, possibly not so far away from home.

On the other hand, there are people who simply cannot be lazy, even less in summer when the light and the climate invite to an outdoor and healthy life.

Summers can be the perfect time in the year to get back in shape or to try and play that specific sport you have not had time to try out for months.

Skiing on French snow in August
Sounds like a mission impossible, but it is not. Just go up and you will find gorgeous ski runs full of

fresh white snow. The French ski resort of Les 2 Alpes, for example, is an authentic skiing paradise, over 3000 metres, where many national teams do their training.

Sailing in Sardinia
The Italian island is famous in the world for its superlative sea and its uncontaminate nature. Is there

a better place to learn to sail?

Riding a horse in the Tuscan countryside

It is a dream for many people: we can suppose that riding a horse through a magnificent landscape makes us feel free more than anything else.

The summer break can be the perfect chance to learn to ride a horse. The best thing to do is to attend

some intensive classes and get to know the basics of horseback riding.

In the magnificent countryside around Florence, in Tuscany, there is a qualified equestrian centre, The

Bosco di Rincine, that organizes workshops for for all ages and different levels, including special family packages. You can have a look at their official website.

Surfing the seven seas of Rhye
If you like horses, but you have always dreamt to ride a wave rather than a horse, then thanks to the Surf Camp association, you can attend surfing summer schools in some of the world’s most beautiful sea destinations, from Portugal to the Canaries, from South Africa to Indonesia.

Anywhere your sports passion will take you, you will obviously need a place to stay, whether it is a hotel or a private accommodation.

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