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Sports Gadgets For Children

Sports Gadgets For Children

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There is plenty of debate that centres on how good technology is for your children with most of the comments seeming to think that less technology is good technology for children, a viewpoint that does not seem to be too unreasonable. However, with any viewpoint there are always the exceptions to the rule and some technology can be good for kids if it reinforces their interest in playing sports and exercising in general.

The team at leading 5-a-side football leagues Champion Soccer have researched the best sports technology for kids:

Pedometers are a perfect way of encouraging children to be more conscious of the amount of exercise they take. Simply getting a child to wear one and then challenging them to increase their daily score will encourage them to take more exercise.

FitnessKids is a great app, available for iOS and Android tablets that encourages children to enjoy being active. Using colourful backgrounds, fun music and a choice of 25 different exercises it offers more and more challenging activities for each exercise. The app has a training section where children are encouraged to develop new skills correctly as well a competition one where they can compete with friends to be the best at a particular exercise.

Kidfitt prides itself on being the first child fitness app available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Developed in collaboration with Howard University there is even an opportunity for kids to take part in the research program. Provided by a non-profit organisation, Kidfitt incorporates more than 150 exercises with a guide to good nutrition. Constructed specifically for children the app monitors fitness levels, provides total body workouts and emphasizes strength training. As it is in its early stages the owners of the project have committed to reviewing its effectiveness with the team at Howard University, to ensure it is effective at promoting healthy activity in children.

You can keep your children’s sports technology somewhat more grounded because nothing is more motivating than some good old fashioned sports kit. Whether it is footie boots for outdoor use or trainers for indoor use it will always be more effective if you add a good pair of shin guards into the mix. For the best possible performance, this season’s kit from whatever team will make your child into the most fervent six aside player and make sure they get plenty of exercise.

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