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The Benefits Of After School Sports Clubs

The Benefits Of After School Sports Clubs

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Parents are always looking for something that their kids can do after school that keeps them busy, but still has something beneficial to offer. Ever since the 2012 Olympics in London, The Olympic Legacy has kept the momentum going with its goal to get people involved in sports long after the games have ended. One of the most important parts of this plan is the installment of after school clubs—specifically those geared towards sports.

As the world watched the Olympics, you cannot help but understand and appreciate the way sports can bring people together regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity. This is why providing kids with after school clubs is so important as it brings them together in an organized setting where they can compete in a friendly atmosphere. It also builds their self-esteem, improves their confidence and introduces them to the world of sports that they might not have otherwise known.

An Array of Choices

There are many different sports that kids can participate in depending on their interest. There are soccer and football games for kids, basketball and baseball leagues, or tennis and golf tournaments. Wrestling, track and field, and hockey are also great sports that kids can explore. All the programs are run by coaches who are highly knowledgeable in their chosen sport and who can help kids individually with their skills. No child will ever have to worry that he or she is not good enough. Good coaches will make sure that every child has an opportunity to play and become an important part of the team. This is very important in building a child’s self-confidence and giving them a chance to shine.

Teamwork Skills

Another important aspect of after school sports is the promotion of teamwork and sportsmanship. Some kids have never experienced being part of a team which makes organized after school sports an opportunity for them to do so. It also helps kids who may be too competitive or bad losers understand that winning is less important than doing your best and being part of a team. These are valuable life lessons that kids should learn sooner rather than later.

School sports clubs also provide a regular and consistent exercise routine which many school-aged kids do not get enough of, but should. Aside from the cardiovascular advantages, kids will also build strong muscles, improve their balance, work on hand-eye coordination and movement. For a child struggling with one or more of these issues, sports is an effective method of helping them overcome it without feeling like it is work or therapy.

Get Social

Finally, after school sports can also be looked upon as a social occasion. Whether it is every day or just a few days after school, the team gets together, shares a common goal and works in unison to defeat their challenger. This promotes healthy relationships in addition to showing respect and kindness to their teammates as well as those they are competing against. Again, these are lessons that will carry over through the rest of a child’s life.

As it stands now, the National Lottery accounts for approximately twenty percent of sports funding including sports equipment for schools and many other school sports resources. It makes so much sense to have your child participate in a sport of his or her interest because it will provide them a tremendous amount of benefits that cannot often be achieved inside a classroom. And with so many sports to choose from, there is something for everyone. A child may even decide to switch sports and try a different one that piques his or her interest.

School sports clubs are more than just kids playing a game. It is about discipline, teamwork, building self-esteem and forming relationships. In other words—it is a must for every child.

Paul Harper is a youth football coach who recommends Davies Sports for the best school sports resources.

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