The truth about men and Yoga

The truth about men and Yoga

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The Truth About Men And Yoga

There is a perception in the UK that yoga is a pink girly thing and certainly not to be included in our macho man world.  In reality, if you visit Varanasi on the banks of the Ganges, you will see all the guys practising yoga! In India yoga is interwoven with their spiritual faith, the mind and the body in unison.

In the western world we are so wrapped up with the world of work, climbing the greasy pole and being burdened by mortgages and debt, we forget about our physical and emotional wellbeing, the need to attend to it and keep it healthy.

Yoga is the perfect mechanism by which to achieve a balance in your life and attend to those spiritual matters both physical and of the soul and you can even do it at home without needing expensive gym equipment, club fees, etc.


The ideal time for yoga is in the morning to set you up for the rest of the day.

Develop a personal yoga space in your home.  The kitchen is great as it’s usually warm or the living room with carpet acting as a cushion to put down your mat – a stickly mat followed by a cotton mat is ideal as it acts as a buffer for the spine and keeps the body from becoming cold.

It is important to warm up the body first so advise some gentle stretches such as going on to your toes from one foot then the other and some arm stretches by bringing the arm down the side of the body sliding your palms past your hips are all great movements get the body going.

Your yoga routine could incorporate some gymnastic moves, a bit of pilates to trim the tummy and a few ballet movements which are great stretching exercises.  “Ballet!” – I hear you cry.  I’m not suggesting you need to do pliés or start to twirl in a fouetté en toumant, though both are great for dexterity and skill, but try to use muscles in your body which have been lying dormant for years as a result of sitting in a car, or chair at the office – you get my drift! Yoga can give you that platform for experiencing more of your body than you have previously discovered maybe using a spiritual yoga DVD and this is as applicable to women as it is to men.

If you suffer from a bad back then make yoga your healer.  It will give your spine flexibility and stretch. This together with strengthening the muscles around your back will support your spine better.

Your yoga session could then naturally lead on to 10 minutes meditation – the power of detachment and being able to view our lives in an objective way and perhaps identify changes we would like to make for the better, give you another dimension and enrich your soul.

You’ll find, as you do this on a regular basis and build this practise into your life, it will pay dividends – you will be calmer, any skin irritations such excema will reduce or disappear and you will find that you have developed a new coping mechanism whereby you heal your issues and troubles in an organised way.  If you would like to explore these aspects there is more help available.

It becomes your special spiritual time when you are at one with yourself and perhaps with God too if you are a Believer. Give it try, what have you got to lose!

Mary Mays is the Owner and Founder of Mary Mays Holistic Spiritual Store

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