They Think It’s All Over

They Think It’s All Over

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Well it really doesn’t have to be.  The world of sport is a very interesting one.  Whether you play a spot of footy for your local team or you happen to be a professional martial arts expert, your health is of paramount importance to you.

If you are amateur then the chances are that you have another job for which you need to be fit and healthy for.  And, if you are a professional in your chosen sport then you need to be ready and raring to go.

Injury’s happen

Sadly injury and ill health happen.  Especially when you are playing sport.  From a twisted knee to a broken bone, it is easy get hurt.  So what is the best thing to do? Well it doesn’t have to be over, you can simply take out health insurance.

Waiting for the public health care system to treat your injuries can take a long time.  But by choosing health insurance you can be seen quicker and be back playing your beloved sport before you even have a chance to think about it.

Injuries can really knock the wind out of your sail which is why you want to be in the hands of someone who can get things moving.  A company like Assure-U who are there to get you the best treatment as quickly as possible, will be your best bet.

Sports injuries are not simply about getting the problem fixed and moving on.  Oh no.  They are a lot more complicated than that.  They often require extensive physiotherapy, facilities and even hydrotherapy.


This is the part that shouldn’t be rushed.  As any good medic will tell you, rushing back to your sport could do more harm than good.  Patience really is a virtue and one that you will need to learn if you are to get back to full fighting spirt as soon as you can.

Listen to the doctors, to your physio and to your trainers. They will tell you.  Rushing is not the aim of the game here.  You will probably be given exercises and things you can do each day.  But don’t over do it.

Positive mental attitude

Never underestimate the power of PMA.  When injured your levels of positivity can really plummet.  Ask any pro footballer, they will tell you.  Being out for a few games, or even the season, can wreak havoc with your mental health.  It is vital that you stay in the loop with your team and coaches and that you put things in place to make sure that you are not simply sat at home, with your leg in plaster, staring at the four walls.

So, our advice to you; take out health insurance.  It will be the best thing you ever did.  If your sport really matters to you, and your health (which it should) then be clever, be wise.

Speak to your coach and training team to let them know that you are serious about taking care of your health.  Time to put your best foot forward.

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