Three Tips For Ski Newbies For Purchasing Your Equipment

Three Tips For Ski Newbies For Purchasing Your Equipment

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It can be hard for someone to pick up a sport, but some sports are more difficult to master than others.  If you want to start playing football or soccer, all you need to do is pick up a ball and start kicking or throwing it around.  If you wanted to start learning how to ski, you couldn’t just go out into your backyard and start practicing.  You would need to find a snowy mountain, someone to teach you how to ski, and hope that you find the best equipment.

Skiing can be a very fun and rewarding activity, but because of the sheer amount of equipment you need to do it some people who want to try skiing end up not doing it.  While it is true that you do need certain equipment to ski, you don’t have to let it ruin your fun.  When you’re looking for your next pair of skis or boots, try to remember to keep these tips in mind.

Don’t use whatever is in your garage

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably already thinking of going through your relative’s and friend’s garages and using whatever ski equipment they’ve left behind.  Using old ski equipment could help you save money, but it also almost guarantees that you won’t be able to find equipment that works best for your needs.  There are a variety of different types of equipment available depending on your skill level and body type, and using the wrong types can make skiing extremely difficult.  Spend the extra money and purchase ski equipment that’s suited for your specific needs, and you’ll be happy that you did when you hit the slopes.

Don’t forget about your feet

Regular snow boots won’t be enough to protect your feet when you’re out on the slopes.  You’re going to need special ski boots, and if you want to make sure that you get the right size and fit remember this tip when you go shopping.  Pick up a pair of wool or synthetic ski socks when you’re trying on your boots.  Your thickest pair of regular socks won’t be anywhere close to the thickness of your ski socks, and wearing the right socks when you’re trying on your ski boots can help you find a pair that will fit just right.

Think about measurements

Skis are measured in centimeters, so if you’re used to using inches as your main go to measurement remember to keep in mind that your equipment won’t be measured with them.  Skis in general have gotten shorter over the years because of advances in technology and design.  In the past, some people would determine the right length of skis by raising their arm and measuring to their wrist.  You may still be able to do that, but now body weight seems to be the biggest determining factor in how to pick the right skis.

If you still aren’t sure about which length would be best for you or if you should try Twin tip skis, here’s a little tip.  Try to keep in mind that shorter skis are slower but are usually easier to handle for recreational skiers or for people that will be skiing in a rugged terrain.  Since you’re new to skiing shorter skis would probably be best for you, but if you’re very athletic or intend to progress quickly you may want to pick up a pair of longer skis for the future.

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