Top 5 snowboarding tips and tricks for beginners.

Top 5 snowboarding tips and tricks for beginners.

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‘Adventure’- this term is enough to set the adrenaline pumping and heartbeat rising for any human on this planet. Humans are considered to have an insatiable desire for embracing adventure and when in danger, exploring ways and means to steer clear of it. So much so is the trend, that a harmless snow covered mountain is remodeled as a racetrack by adventure sport enthusiasts’ known as – snowboarders. Snowboarding is a trend that began in 1964 in Muskegon in Michigan and has been growing in popularity ever since. It became a fad when Roger Moore showcased it in the 1985 Bond flick ‘A view to a kill’ along with guns and fights, demonstrating one can be cool and deadly at the same time.

To all the beginners in the field out there, here are a few tips to make their experience safe and memorable-

  1. Never forget that it is gravity that is being defied, when you are going down the slope. Whatever you do, be it slide, brake or turn, you are either with gravity or against it. Be very cautious while defying mother earth’s strong pull.
  2. Always maintain the pressure of the edge of the board on the slope, because a free fall to the ground is fraught with serious dangers.
  3. Your hands should be parallel touching your body at all times. Use only your lower core and your legs to maneuver your snowboard and keep your hands out of it. Waving your hands disturbs the center of gravity and makes you trip down the treacherous slope in the most awkward and bone crushing manner. Never raise your hands to show you are confident and having fun. This could be costly.
  4. People tend to mistake adventure with aggression and end up misjudging what they do. In snowboarding, the only thing that can keep you going is your spirit of adventure, while racing down or taking a turn. Don’t forget the conventional wisdom that ‘slow and steady wins the race.’
  5. The most important thing required for a snowboarder is reflex. You have to use your reflexes and reactions to deal with the rather unknown and uneven slope. Snowboarding in an inebriated condition places a person in total danger. Drinking reduces your time of reflex and it may even plunge you to unpredictable dangers.

Tips are tips. However, these are some nifty pointers for those who have plans to ride the snow clad mountains on their boards. Adventure is always challenging and yet full of unknown surprises. Adequate knowledge and preparation will always go a long way in successful and safe snowboarding. Once the snowboarding is done successfully, the amount of pleasure one gets, is beyond anyone’s imagination.

It is best to read online and gain knowledge about the sports before trying your hand on it. Websites like Extremepedia offer ample knowledge and guides to get your feet wet.


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