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Trends For The 2014 Ski Season

Trends For The 2014 Ski Season

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Trends for the 2014 Ski Season

There are always changes that take place every ski season, and 2014 is no different. There will always be some trends that will vary from season to season, and it’s good to embrace these new trends—essential, in fact. Locating the new trends requires avid skiers to follow the trade and sports magazines along with staying in touch by using the Internet.

Unveiling the Trends

How do ski enthusiasts learn about upcoming trends? While the Internet is the obvious place to look, that is the problem: it’s too obvious, something everyone knows to do. If you enjoy skiing, you should be creative enough to search other outlets for current seasonal trends. Colorado had the right idea when it recently converted the Mile High Ballroom at the Convention Centre so it looked like a cosy lodge for the annual snow fashion parade. Over 1,000 retail buyers and manufacturers attended the Snow Sports Industries America trade show. Interested attendees were exposed to the representation of 30 brands that included extremely technical clothes to those one would wear in mountain extremes and even fashion looks one could wear when visiting St. Moritz or Summit County.

Colour Schemes and Patterns

One can assume from the unveiling of the new looks for 2014 that the trend this year is on colour schemes, and even some you don’t usually expect in this type of environment. For instance, there was a wide array of bright solid colours that often showed zippers in contrasting shades. Some of the colours choices you are likely to find include limeade, blazing yellow and orange sherbet; instead of thinking of the cold winter, you are likely to think instead of the summer.

Another trend for 2014 skiers is mixing rather than matching. Don’t be surprised to find sports enthusiasts on the slopes wearing orange parkas with green pants or fuchsia jackets with tan pants. Prints are also very important this year and include everything from tropical florals to various colours in a camouflage pattern. Other trends include muted plaids, checks and even stripes in shades of gray, brown and black to suit the male tastes.

Trends in Gear

Unlike clothing trends, there is really no actual norm for park skis. Skiers can purchase them with our without camber, tip and tailrocker—it depends on the individual. One manufacturer even offers skis that use triple base technology—time will tell if others pick up on this method.
Touring is still a very strong trend, and most snowboard manufacturers offer at least one splitboard model. There are only two known manufacturers that still do not offer boots with a walking-mode.


Trends change with each season in the skiing industry especially with clothing. This year’s trends include colours and prints, and while there may be a small number of changes with gear, this is not as common as it is with clothing. The more likely changes in gear are within the touring industry with splitboards and perhaps the manufacture of boots that include a walking-mode.

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