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Ever since the first bicycle was invented in the 19th century, cycling has become the most popular sport ever. Right now, millions of people are cruising the streets or riding along beaches in the sunset. Cycling helps you to stay healthy and fit, while riding on all sorts of terrain and at various speeds. You can ride your bike slowly on a lazy Sunday afternoon or you can compete with friends or in a team. Bikes are a great choice of transport especially because they are eco-friendly, easy to maintain and cheap. They come in so many different models, that to find a perfect one means you have to invest lots of time while browsing the net or visiting shops. bikeWhat bike you will buy depends mainly on your needs and what you plan to use the bike for, riding for fun or you plan to join a team of professional cyclists? Sports bikes are manufactured to meet the highest criteria when it comes to terrain and speed, brakes and the special position of the body necessary for riding sports bicycles. There are several categories of sports bikes with the most popular models within each category:

Mountain Bikes – they are made for riding off roads , on often muddy, rugged trails and come with a stout frame. The tires are wider than in other types of bikes and the position of the body is upright which is suitable for riding on difficult terrains, downhill or cross country.

>Pivot Phoenix DH Carbon – amazing design for top results, the bike comes with super stability for dangerous rides downhill. The bike is incredibly light with amazing 27.5 inches wheels, rubberized bumpers and a dual-crown fork.

>Devinci Spartan Carbon SX – this model is perfect for descending with Guide brakes, SRAM X1 drivetrain and Rockshox Pike fork. It is slack, low and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Road Bikes – their tyres are skinny and the riding position makes you bend over the handlebars . These bikes are designed for longer travels and at high speed. Many people prefer to rent a road bike from companies such as synaptic cycles or other, so they can for example, make nice tours while on holiday instead of driving cars, especially in eco-friendly destinations

>Scott Plasma Premium – this is the fastest bike in championships due to its uniquely designed carbon frame. Made for the winners, this bicycle is faster and lighter than others.

>Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 – the bike won top competitions , among which Tour de France. Its carbon frame is so strong, it is possible to balance weight without losing the necessary stability.

Bicycle Moto-Cross (BMX) – teenagers and adults alike are fans of this brand of sports bikes most for its great features and the fact that it is lightweight. The brand is used for sport or everyday riding, and also gives great results in motocross racing.

>We The People Crysis – this BMX bike has been on top of the lists thanks to the superior qualities , it is light with durable tyres and excellent , strong frame. You can practice all kinds of tricks on this bike at an incredible speed.

If you are into sports bikes the list of the most popular ones is long and once you find the type you like, you will never want to change it. Buying a new bike is a fantastic experience . Only the bicycle fans know why. See More sports bikes at Synaptic Cycles INC

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