What The Non Rugby Fan Can Do, During The 6 Nations / Hong Kong 7’s

What The Non Rugby Fan Can Do, During The 6 Nations / Hong Kong 7’s

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What The Non Rugby Fan Can Do, During the 6 Nations / Hong Kong 7’s

If you’re the partner of a fan of rugby, but aren’t quite so into the game yourself, then you might not be looking forward to February and March 2014 and the RBS Six Nations Championship and the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens.

However, with a bit of planning, no one needs to be left out and you and your partner can make the most of these iconic matches so that both of you can have an experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come.

What to do during the Six Nations

The RBS Six Nations Championship will cover five weekends in February and March 2014, and to the long suffering partner of a committed rugby fan that can mean weekends spent alone while their other half whoops it up with like-minded spectators.  But if you are that long suffering partner then take another look at where the games are going to be held and see if there isn’t something there for you too.

Paris, Rome, Edinburgh, Dublin and Cardiff are all short-break destinations in their own right, offering a combination of culture, shopping, great cuisine and natural beauty. So why not go and do your own thing whilst the Six Nation games are on, and meet up with your rugby fan after the game to enjoy the best these amazing cities have to offer.

Hong Kong 7s means fun for fans and non-fans alike

For the ultimate combination of culture and sport then the Hong Kong during the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is hard to beat. If you’ve not been to Hong Kong before then late March is an excellent time to go and you can take in all the fabulous sites like The Peak, Kowloon, Wan Chai, the Tian Tan Buddha, Ocean Park and even further afield the beaches and villages of the outlying areas.

As it’s a city on the go from early in the morning until late into the night there will be plenty of time to experience some of that culture with your rugby fan partner before or after the games as well.

But instead of fighting it, why not try a game or two for yourself, the fast paced games and carnival atmosphere of the Hong Kong Sevens often means that even the most committed ‘non-fan’ can find themselves being converted to the games charms.

Booking your trip to the Six Nations and Hong Kong 7s

Because rugby is so popular and people book tickets way in advance, once you’ve decided to accompany your rugby fan on their trip don’t delay booking travel and accommodation.  Most people use a specialised travel agency to make their arrangements and as well as tickets for the games they are experienced in everything else the cities have to offer so can make the trip work for the ‘non-fans’ as well.  So don’t put off booking your accommodation and Six Nations Travel / Hong Kong 7s hotels and excursions and make 2014 the year when everyone gets what they want.

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