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Where to Get Cheap Snowboarding Gear

Where to Get Cheap Snowboarding Gear

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Regardless of whether you are new to snowboarding and hoping to get your first board setup, or if you are a seasoned snowboarder looking to upgrade to new stuff, it can be hard to find a cheap way to get quality gear. Like so many other outdoor sports, the cost of snowboarding equipment can be prohibiting, especially when you’re starting with no previous equipment. But thanks to the Internet, there are now a lot of options for buying quality gear at discount prices. Below are a few tips for where and how to get the best deals to outfit your winter adventures.

Wholesale-style Retailers Offer Great Buys
The Clymb offers pro-deal level pricing without requiring that you are a snow or ski industry professional. Featuring pricing up to 70 percent off of retail, you can find some great deals on snow gear like jackets, pants, dry gear, and gloves. And because of the nature of the site, items often change rapidly; once items are sold out, it seems there’s some other irresistible deal listed.

Think Smart, Shop Seasonally is an excellent online resource for outdoor enthusiasts. Often running an additional 20 percent off any one item deal, you can really rack up the savings here. In addition, seasonal shopping is key; if you purchase your winter gear at the end of the season or during the summer, you can really land some great snowboarding gear and accessory savings.

REI – Recreational Equipment Incorporated, takes their business model from the approach of cooperatives by offering all customers an opportunity to buy a membership and receive ten percent back on all purchases annually. They also offer a well-known 100% quality guarantee on their products. Especially good for beginner and intermediate snowboarders who may not know what snowboarding gear they may need, REI offers quality snow products with the added opportunity to exchange them with no questions asked should they not suit your outdoor needs.

Consider Outlet Shopping
Department Of Goods is the outlet retailer for, who also made the cut for places to find cheap snowboarding gear. The added bonus of being surplus gear means discounts for you as you look to build your dream snowboard. This is a great place for boots, cold gear, and other accessories.

The Moosejaw Outlet also offers great deals on snowboard decks, complete snowboards, bindings, boots, goggles, and anything else you could be after for your next snowboarding session. And because this gear is all of the remaining stock that they couldn’t sell out of on, you can expect great discounts all year-round.

Now It’s Time To Get Saving!
So if you’re going to be buying snowboard gear in the near future, you might as well try to save some money while you do it. Remember that by shopping in the off seasons, you may be able to save some money and that popular snowboarding and outfitting websites have sister sites that operate as outlets with great deals. Be ready this winter and start checking out the deals available on these sites today!

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