NHL 2014
Who is going to rock this NHL 2014

Who is going to rock this NHL 2014

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For those who really have passion to sports, plus those of you who think they like hockey with inclusion of those who do not have a stand or opinion about sports here is the home you deserve to be. We all are taking our time on the very ostentatious and upbeat National Hockey League 2014 (NHL). NHL is on its 97th operational season. This season’s realignment of the 6 to 4 division format allows for the league’s 30 approved teams to at least play in all the 30 arenas in a round robin format. With each team playing a sum total 82 matches, 50-54 games attended within their conference regardless of whether in a 7 or 8 team division, two games against each non-conference teams. This 2013-2014 regular season kicked off on Tuesday October 1st last year and scheduled to reach its conclusion on Sunday the 13th of April this year. Its play-offs are scheduled to start on 16th of April to mid June this year.

The chronological order of the 82 Stanley cup scheduled matches will be played as planned by the NHL board of governors. Chicago Blackhawks hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Soldier Field in Chicago as announced by NHL board, it was, as part of New NHL Stadium Series. NHL announced unprecedented 6 outdoor games for 2013-14 season: one a heritage Classic game, four stadium series and one classic winter classic, massive attendance of all the games will be witnessed, you really can’t stand missing the games. Starting tomorrow, Toronto Maple will face NY Rangers at their home at 7pm venue time, Washington capitals vs Philadelphia Flyers at their ground at 8pm, Ottawa vs Calgary at home at 9:30pm, Montreal vs Anaheim (home) at 10pm, Washington vs Boston (home) at 7pm, Los Angeles vs Winnipeg (home) at 7pm, Buffalo vs Tampa Bay (home) 7:30pm, Colorado vs Detroit (home) at 8pm, St.Louis vs Nashville (home) at 8pm.

Currently the teams have so far played a number of game, the Atlantic division, Boston Bruins leading with total of 81 points after winning 38 of their games played, followed by Montreal Canadians with 75 points, winning 34 of their games played, Tampa Bay follows closely with 73 points after winning 34 of their games played. In the metropolitan division, Pittsburgh Penguins lead with a total 84 points having played 60games winning 40 of the games, they             are followed by Philadelphia Flyers who has 70 points, so far won 32 of their 62 games played, and they are followed so close by New York Rangers with 69 points winning 33 of 61 games played. In wild Cards teams, only the top two teams qualify for the playoffs: that is Toronto Maple Leafs having so far 72points after winning 32 of 62 games played. Detroit Red Wings closely follow with 68points gained from winning 28 games of 60 games played. This is quite a tough competition. Prediction of which team will win is a huddle from the outstanding results and standings but if the trend remains, Pittsburgh Penguins will win the trophy.

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins is the most likely candidate to win the player of the year reward since he proves to be competent by having scored 29 goals. You better hurry up and secure your ticket with NHL Tickets coupon codes for 2014, so as not to miss the appetizing and anxious games being witnessed by all sports person all over the world. Let’s keep an eye to the trend of the NHL games ongoing.

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