Why Am I Still Fighting Belly Fat?

Why Am I Still Fighting Belly Fat?

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When it comes to losing weight and getting into shape, one area that both men and women can have issues with is the belly. It can seem like all you are doing is trying to trim those last few inches, but still that slight bulge remains, taunting you with its defiance to all your efforts. If your workout routine is not working, don’t give up, it may be time to reassess your plan and examine other factors that might be causing the problem.

Sometimes it is not what you are trying to do, but how you are doing it.

Not all exercises are ideal for looking belly fat. If you are doing crunches three hours a day you are not going to see the belly fat just vanish. To really work away belly fat your workout should be varied and focused on all of the core muscles. Doing moves and using routines that work the abdominal, pelvic, obliques and back muscles in particular are good for trimming away lingering belly fat. Exercises such as planks are great for getting not only the core muscles active, but they help with the buttocks and arms as well.

If you have a good core oriented workout routine but it has seemed to stop working you may need to step up the difficulty. At times plateaus in weight loss are due to the body adjusting to the level of exercise you are currently doing. Try adding in more advanced moves or changing up to a routine that can make you feel like you did when you first started working out.

Your eating and sleeping habits may be keeping the belly fat on.

Even though there are a lot of healthy fats, such as those found in sunflower oil and avocados, eating too much of any kind of fat can be counterproductive to losing weight. Snacks like humus which are popular for those on protein heavy diets often forget how much fat is in it due to the oils used to make it. Moderation and awareness remain the biggest keys in creating a healthy diet to compliment your workout.

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can hinder your body’s natural cycles and also reduce the effectiveness of your efforts. There have been many studies on the impact that sleep has on the body, especially in regards to managing weight. It has been found that those who get less than six hours of sleep a night are more likely to struggle with weight gain.

Sometimes belly fat is not going anywhere for medical reasons.

Genetics can play a part in your natural body shape. Those with an apply body type are more prone to weight accumulating in the mid section, which can mean it will take more effort to get it under control. Sometimes your hormones or metabolism can be out of balance which may require medication to help bring back into normal ranges. If there doesn’t seem to be any progress, even after checking your diet and exercising routine, a trip to the doctor can be the most important move in your battle of the bulge.

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