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Why Lionel Messi Will Never Be Outdone By Anyone?

Why Lionel Messi Will Never Be Outdone By Anyone?

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You’ve probably heard the name Lionel Messi somewhere in your life even if you don’t watch football. But, for those who do know exactly who I’m talking about: you’ve seen him play, you’ve seen him create magic and you’ve seen him create history, but other than that there’s a reason why I strongly argue why no one can match up to his glory when I say he is and will be the greatest ever to play the game. If you’re a diehard football fan I urge you to finish reading this article.

However, I would like to clear out that by talking about the little master I do not mean to undermine any of the other legends who have done wonders in the game such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Pele, David Beckham and countless others. They’re all legends who have given us a lot to cherish but what this guy brings onto the field is something exquisite. Want to know why, read on unti you’re satisfied!


Yes, the rumors you heard about him are very true, he has a magnet in his shoes which is the reason why the ball never leaves his feet. You could have seen him been tackled by not 1, not 2 not 3 but 5 guys and in the end he’ll make them all look like puppets who still are trying to figure out what happened in the last 30 seconds with them. His runs are phenomenal and majestic, he makes the game look so elegant and beautiful and it’s more like he doesn’t even try but it’s a routine thing for him. Most players stun us every now and then when they score an exceptional goal or assist in an outrageous goal but he does it every week over and over again. He’s set the standard so high, all of you reading this should take a moment and picture someone else playing the way he does, and we would lose our minds over the sheer excitement. It’s just that we have become so used to seeing him pull the rabbit out of the hat that we aren’t surprised, anymore.

Team player

 Over the many years Messi has been compared to Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s as close as they get when it comes to matching Messi. In fact, many say Ronaldo is way better and that he’s the greatest ever. The difference between Ronaldo and Messi is that Ronaldo only finishes it in the net, he gets the ball, all he has to do is touch it and voila, it’s a goal! Messi, however, is the tactical genius who comes up with a mischievous plan, he controls the whole game he works mid- field, he works defense and he’s there for the attack. He makes his team mates shine by passing the ball to them in ways they end up scoring. Ronaldo waits for the ball to come to him. Messi could make you or me look like Zlatan Ibrahimović.

There’s nothing he can’t do!

Free kicks, penalties long range shots, finesse shots, chips, through balls, right foot, left foot there’s nothing he can’t do. I mean he chips the ball over the keeper from inside the D. Talk about accuracy and perfection, I mean, no other player does it that perfectly and fearlessly from just a foot away from the keeper. Yet, he makes it look so simple. Yes, his weaker foot may not be the best in the world but it’s enough to make sure the ball ends up at the back of the net, day in and day out. He’s the total opposite of selfish when it comes to scoring goals. He plays for his team not for his personal glory because he knows goals won’t define how good you are. He knows everyone who steps on to the same field with him, knows what he’s capable of. He lets Neymar and Suarez take penalties even when he’s one goal away from a hat trick.

Be it that, he’s won the most Ballon d’Or any player has ever won, in history. He holds the record for most goals in a year or most goals in La Liga in a single season. I mean, is there anything that he has not conquered?  For people who are not a Messi fan, there are other factors in a good game that can pretty much convince you that he’s the ultimate best. How about the fact that he single handedly took his team to the world cup final? If you saw the final match, you’d know he had the Germans by throat and they couldn’t pin him down properly. Due to misfortune he couldn’t score and take the trophy home but he definitely conquered our hearts. From Diego Maradona to Andres Iniesta and the likes of Managers such as Pep Guardiola and Sir Alex Ferguson, they have all at one point or another admitted that Messi is from another planet.

However, that does not mean you have to like Messi or he has to be your favorite player. You could gladly wear Christiano Ronaldo’s jersey or wear the shoes he wears or get a letterman jacket customized after him. All I am saying is to give Messi the respect, credit and fame he deserves and admit that yes, he is the best ever to grace the game with his presence.

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