Why snowboarding is the coolest winter sport of all

Why snowboarding is the coolest winter sport of all

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The snow is starting to fly, the bitter cold is setting in, and there are so many sports to consider trying out. Before spring arrives and the snow starts to melt, you have to try snowboarding, the coolest winter sport of all.

Surround Yourself with Awesome People
Where else can you share a bench with a CEO, an office grunt, a world traveler, and your typical high school kid ditching school? All kinds of people are hitting the slopes with their snowboard and there is something about a mountain that just makes everyone understand each other, with that shared love of the slopes. Throw in the outrageous outfits shredding down the mountain and everyone feels like they belong, no matter how eccentric, or low-key, they look.
Snowboarding is a great sport to share with friends as you cheer each other on, laugh at the spills, or feel relief after the occasional close call. Try to go with people who are at your same level. Get to know some new people on the slopes as well.
Physical & Mental Stamina
For someone who would like to get or stay in shape physically or mentally, there is no better sport. The lower body is constantly being worked, and there is no better workout for the core. (Some suggest that a person can burn 450 calories an hour.) Snowboarding is a complete cardio workout, and at a high altitude, your lungs and heart will be pushed, ensuring a better workout than what you would get at sea level. You also can’t give up, even when you are extremely tired. If you aren’t at the bottom of the hill you still have to get back up and keep going.
Snowboarders will develop better concentration and coordination which is an amazing mental exercise, according to Duncan at Extreme Sports Trader. Snowboarding can also be an amazing anxiety reducer. Out there in fresh powder, enjoying the incredible scenery, one can forget the troubles left in the city below. There’s also no greater sense of freedom!
Snowboarding is a great sport to stay in excellent mental and physical shape.
Healthy Addiction
A lot of people who can’t get enough of snowboarding often blame their addiction to the powder. Flying through the fresh powder, nothing else in the world matters. It could also be the fact that snowboarding is somewhat risky, as you do all kinds of jumps, turns, and tricks. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junky to love the sport, but your adrenaline will definitely be released out their on the slopes.
Grab your Gear
With just a few short weeks left in the season, snap on your boots, grab your snowboard and make your way to the chairlift. Enjoy the people riding to the top with you, or showing off on the way down. Prepare yourself for one of the most thrilling physical and mental feats you will have all winter. Don’t feel bad about this addiction, you are about to feel the thrill of snowboarding.

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