World Cup Opening Game Tickets

World Cup Opening Game Tickets

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The FIFA World Cup 2014 fever is slowly gathering momentum and it is gradually rubbing into the skin of football fans and aficionados in all four corners of the world.

This much-anticipated event which gathers the finest football playing nations in the planet will showcase unsurpassed athleticism, versatility and skills in the football field to the delight of myriads and myriads of fans.

The next World Cup promises to usher in more thrills and excitement. King-size upset victories will surely be eked out. Old and new players who are brave enough to withstand pressure will be given the chance to hug the limelight and gain immense popularity and admiration. History will pile-up once more as the new crowned champion and new set of versatile players will display their devastating forms in whipping up milestones and breakthroughs.

There are 21 teams that so far qualified for the World Cup and 11 slots are still up for grab as of presstime and intercontinental playoffs are still being played.

Defending champion Spain and losing finalist the Netherlands lead the cast of countries that already secured berths. Spain deal the Netherlands, a heart-breaking 1-0 to clinch the much-coveted FIFA World Cup Trophy in the last staging of the World Cup in South Africa last 2010

Powerhouse teams such as host Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy and Germany also earned World Cup slots.

Upset-conscious teams such as the vastly-improved Belgium, Ecuador, Iran, USA, Australia, Chile, Russia, Colombia, Japan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Honduras, South Korea and Switzerland rounds up the early list of qualifiers.

As the cast of teams that are set to compete in the prestigious event is slowly being filled up, it is about time for those individuals who are lingering to watch the football games at its best in Brazil to consider looking for ways to purchase FIFA World Cup Tickets in the internet.

The World Cup Opening games will surely be jam-packed as it will serve as a yardstick in determining which teams are serious and prepared to dish out spectacular games en route to victories in the event or to quench the long wait of the people who wishes to see their favorite teams compete in the event.

Where to buy World Cup Opening Game Tickets?

This can be a daunting task since there are a lot of sites that offer this feature. But be wary of the scalpers and scammers for they are in abundance in the realms of the internet.

Take note that FIFA, the authorized governing body that stages the World Cup offers FIFA World Cup 2014 Tickets as well and it is a wise idea to book your tickets while it is still way too early and to avoid being left out in the colds without tickets.

Visit ticketing page and create account to access ticket inventory.

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