Yoga And Meditation: Wellness For The Mind, Body And Soul

Yoga And Meditation: Wellness For The Mind, Body And Soul

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Yoga is defined as a mind and body practice that aims to enhance physical, emotional, and mental health. Meditation is a mental discipline that allows a person to transcend internally and reach a level of self awareness through concentrating and breathing. Practicing yoga and meditation together proves to be effective in promoting mental and physical wellness. The history of these practices can be traced back to religious organizations where meditation is highly associated with a spiritual journey. Presently, it is now used as a form of therapy by people who are plagued with physical and mental illnesses.

The use of yoga and meditation primarily started when people looked for ways to relieve work stress. People turn to relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation as a solution. But these activities can provide more benefits other than relaxation. As more and more people discover the benefits of these practices, schools and gyms started to promote them to their members.

Modern styles of yoga have incorporated meditation in their routine. Originally, they are done separately but now there are schools that combine both to create an even more effective technique. When doing yoga and meditation together it is essential to synchronize one’s movement, breathing, and concentration at the same time. It helps in enhancing both the physical and mental aspects of the body. A complete harmony of movement and breathing will free the mind from needless thoughts. Once the mind is free then the body will completely relax. The person will feel more peaceful and fit after the activity.

There are studies that have proven the effectiveness of yoga and meditation. There are many health benefits that a person can enjoy when it is regularly done. Here are few of the benefits that people often observe:

• Physical Fitness. People working in a regular office environment can greatly benefit from yoga. Working in an office promotes a sedentary lifestyle that will decrease muscle capacity, flexibility and strength due to the lack of activity. Bad sitting postures also worsen the body’s integrity by weakening the bones and straining the muscles. Doing yoga regularly helps in keeping the body well oiled. There are movements that help build muscle, increase flexibility, and teach proper body posture.

• Stress Management. A prime benefit of learning yoga and meditation techniques is that it reduces stress responses to the body. A regular person is always besieged by pressure from work, job and the environment. This can lead to mental and physical illness. Regular meditation helps a person relax his mind from his worries. It reduces inflammatory responses when a person is overwhelmed by these thoughts. Learning to relax is an effective defense mechanism to stop anxiety.

• Emotional Boost. Aside from mental and physical benefits, practicing yoga can also improve a person’s emotional well being. Regular yoga practitioners experience an uplifting emotion after finishing their routines. They feel more healthy and upbeat when doing yoga. Practitioners often describe their feeling as peaceful and happy. These results are attributed to the state of relaxation achieved when performing yoga and meditation. This positive disposition helps in boosting confidence and outlook of a person.

• Healthy Diet. Practicing yoga also introduces one to have better eating habits. Yoga increases awareness of personal health. This, in turn, inspires a person to choose foods that are nutritious and beneficial to the body.

The benefits of yoga and meditation are boundless. People from any age can enjoy its wondrous effects. It is indeed a lifestyle worth pursuing.

About the author:

Ryan Rivera is a writer and owner of the site calm clinic. For the past years he also suffer from anxiety and other mental issues, but through the help of natural techniques such as yoga and meditation he was able to overcome the illness. He now dedicates his time helping other people who endures mental problems.

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