Yoga for loosing weight. Best systems.

Yoga for loosing weight. Best systems.

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More and more people searching for new effective methods of losing weight may be interested in the fact that such incredible spiritual practice as yoga can actually improve shapes and help with weight loss. Yes, yoga can become an effective method of burning calories.

However, having chosen yoga for weight loss, do not think of yoga as something trivial and don’t be focused on losing pounds only. You will start working off excess weight only after full recovery of the body, removing toxins, improving work of internal organs and most importantly after reaching harmony between the body and the spirit. In other words, yoga helps to lose weight not only by physical activity, but thanks to a completely new lifestyle. Regular yoga classes reduce the production of stress hormones and accelerate insulin secretion. As a result, the body starts actively using food as the source of energy and not as the origin of fat. Besides, those who are seriously focused on yoga keep to their diet, they do not eat fattening and fried food and successfully apply such methods for cleaning the organism as enema.

Moreover, those who still want to try yoga should perfectly understand that yoga for weight loss requires patience and consistency.

As mentioned above, yoga for weight loss consists of physical exercises (asanas), mind training and a diet. Under condition of following all rules and recommendations you will be able to enjoy first success in a few months. Your patience will be rewarded, as unlike doubtful results got from different diets, these results will be stable as well as health improves.

Physical exertion in yoga

Unlike classic fitness exercises or doing exercises with the help of training apparatus at the gym, yoga provides a comprehensive physical exertion for the body. Yoga is based on isometric exercises, it means that the body’s muscles are strained, but without significant changes in their length and the movements of the joints. Yoga exercises are combined with special breathing technique, which allows to speed up metabolism.

There are quite a few varieties of yoga. There is classic gymnastics presented by Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. As a result of the adaptation of these complexes other varieties appeared: Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga are the most effective types of yoga for weight loss.

Ashtanga Yoga is the most dynamic variety of yoga. It fits people with strong muscles. Asanas change quickly, according to a certain sequence. The first set contains 90 asanas, which should be performed during 30 seconds each. Though, the best result will be achieved if you manage to stay in asana for 2 minutes. About 70% of the exercises are static, the rest of them are dynamic.

Power yoga combines positions from Ashtanga yoga with aerobics, and there are no pauses between these two types of exercises. Instead of pauses breathing technique is applied. Stretching exercises remove lactic acid from the muscles. With power yoga not only reset the excess weight, but also build muscle mass. Power yoga is good for people who have not had the experience of training.

Bikram Yoga is an exotic variety of yoga classes which require simulation of climatic conditions common in India. The temperature in the room where classes are held should be more than 40 degrees and the level of humidity should be below 40%. The idea is that the lessons encourage active sweating. Thus, the body gets rid of excess water and toxins. Complex Bikram Yoga presents 26 classic asanas and breathing exercises. It is believed that Bikram yoga is the best choice for burning calories. People who are diagnosed disorders of the cardiovascular system and lung disease should consult with a physician before training.

As you can see, yoga offers several systems for people who are dreaming of losing weight in a healthy way. You may choose the best option and start achieving the goal.

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